SONA BLW PREISION FORGE part of the Sona BLW Precision Forging Group has stood for innovative, cutting-edge forming technology for more than 50 years.
The plant at Selma in North Carolina has primarily focused on bevel gears and speed gears, but in recent years has taken steps to apply its net-forming technology in other areas of the automotive industry.
Throughout its history, the Selma facility has supplied serial production to not only North American countries, but also Australia, Brazil, Hungary, South Africa, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.
The highly motivated engineering team of SONA BLW PRECISION FORGE, INC tackles continually increasing demands and uses this motivation to develop and implement the optimum solutions for individual customers.
We increasingly develop components in close cooperation with our customers and as a result of continued investment and development, are able to integrate functional elements into the forging design.

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